Thursday, 13 October 2016

How to Transfer Emails from One Account to Another

How to transfer emails from one account to another?

This method is free and easy to implement.

It is easier to move all old and new emails from one account to another.

But sometimes one needs to transfer only a specific set of emails from one account to another.

The best and easy way to do this is by using an email client over IMAP.

The one I have personally used is Mozilla's Thunderbird email client.

Yes, it is not very fancy looking, but it works.

You can use this method:

-If changing the name of a business.

-To copy your emails from office email account to personal email account.

Download Thunderbird and install it on your Laptop or PC.

Now you have to add the email accounts in Thunderbird between which you want to transfer emails.

Stepwise Procedure to transfer emails

-Launch Thunderbird Client.

-Click on Accounts>Create a new account>Email, a pop-up will emerge.

-At the bottom of pop-up click the button with text "Skip this and use my existing email".

-In next pop-up, specify your name, email, and password and click on continue.

-Choose IMAP option now and click on "Done".

-Now, in the next screen login to your email account with username and password as asked.

-Allow the permission to connect with Thunderbird client then.

-Now, the email account will be visible in your Thunderbird client on the left side.

-You will now notice no or few folders listed under the account name in the client.

-To add all the folders and labels in your email account, Click on Advanced Features>Manage Folder Subscriptions or right-click on the email on the left side and click on Subscribe.

-A pop-up will emerge, check the boxes in front of all those folders you want to add, click on subscribe and then OK.

-Wait a minute, collapse and expand the email link on the left side, now you will see all the specified labels.

-Repeat this procedure to add all the email accounts to the Thunderbird client.

-Now, select the emails which you want to move or copy from one Gmail account to another, either one by one or ctr+select multiple emails from your email account and right-click, select the move or copy option, then select the target email account and the target label or folder to move or copy selected emails to that.
You can use this procedure for various email service providers Thunderbird can connect to.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Monarch Review-Best Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress

Social sharing plugins are becoming a necessity for WordPress websites due to the rise of the social networks.

Social networks are changing the marketing arena and becoming the most important aspect of content marketing and SEO.

Monarch is a social sharing plugin from Elegant Themes.

It stands out from the large pool of free and premium social sharing plugins by providing a large number of social features for WordPress in one single plugin.

Monarch social sharing plugin features at a glance

-Social sharing buttons

-Social follow buttons

-40 social networks supported

-Fly-in boxes

-Floating share sidebar

-Various Floating share sidebar design options

-Inline sharing buttons above and/or below the posts

-Various design options for inline buttons

-Automatic social pop-ups

-Share buttons on images and videos

-Follow buttons as widgets and anywhere using shortcodes

-6 automatic triggers for pop-ups and fly-ins

-Display social count

-Responsive design

-Social statistics

-Easy import and export of plugin data

-Simple dashboard

-Inbuilt Caching for fast loading

It supports 40 social networks to choose from with a variety of placing options for social sharing buttons and social follow buttons.

Monarch is a highly polished plugin

It offers most of the social sharing features one can think of.

-Fly-in boxes appear automatically when triggered by a preset trigger.

-Floating share sidebar floats along with the scrolling of your mouse from article start to the end, so that if the visitor at any point of reading thinks that the article is awesome, can easily click and share it.

-Different floating sidebar designs available shown in the image below

-Inline sharing buttons above and/or below the posts allow the visitors to share the content when completed reading the article or after scrolling to the top.

-Many different design options for inline buttons to choose from

-Automatic social pop-ups are triggered by events you specify on the backend monarch menu and flash a pop-up containing social sharing buttons.

-Share buttons on images and videos enable the users to share images on networks such as Pinterest and videos on networks such as YouTube.

-Follow buttons as widgets and anywhere using shortcodes drive the visitors to your social media profiles and/or pages.

-6 automatic triggers for pop-ups and fly-ins make readers say wow and click on the share buttons.
Different button shapes, colors and hover effects for making them match with your website color scheme.

-Display social count to show the readers, the popularity of your content and woo the visitors to click on them.

-Responsive design to fit all screen sizes from desktops to mobiles.

-Social statistics to find out what is working and what is not.

-Easy import and export of plugin data

-Simple dashboard to pacify your eagerness to set up and use this wonderful plugin.

-Inbuilt Caching for fast loading and not compromising the website speed.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Customizr Review-Best Free Theme for WordPress

Customizr is a responsive and highly customizable WordPress theme.

Almost all the theme customization features are available in the WordPress Customizer, making it easy to view changes as soon as you make them.

The theme design offers visitor engagement features.

With a subtle clean look, customizr easily grabs the attention of a serious visitor.

The theme is easy to use and customize, but if you need to dive into customizr knowledge pool, then a very well written documentation is available for your help.

It is a premium free WordPress theme most useful for the bloggers who aspire visitor engagement, also the versatility of this theme with its customization features makes it desirable for any kind of website.

Customizr Features

-Responsive Slider

-Social Sharing Options

-Vertical and Horizontal Menu Options

-Featured Pages

-Logo, Favicon Upload

-Sticky Header

-Skin Changing and Randomization

-Google Fonts

-Smooth Scroll

-Lightbox Effect for Images

-Smooth scroll

-Retina Support

-Author Box

-Extensive Header Customizations

-Grid and Alternate Thumbnails Layout for Posts



-Sidebars and Footer Widgets Options

-Custom CSS

-Minification of Stylesheets

-Font Awesome Icons

-Help Notices in Frontend for Logged in Users

A large set of customization options make customizr worthy of its name.

Most of the features anyone would need are already present in the theme itself without the need of separate plugins for each feature.

Moreover, all these awesome features are available for free.

Even if it is highly customizable, some features like social share buttons for the posts will make it irresistible.

But wait, this excellent theme is free, and you can add these missing social features with these social media plugins.

If you need some more goodies like more Featured Pages, Font Customizations, and Footer Link Removal, then go for the Customizr Pro which is affordable and worthy of every penny spent on it.